New eSSIF-Lab open call

Oskar van Deventer

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eSSIF-Lab has just published an open call, that is open for EU-related SMEs, not-for-profit entities or research organizations until January 15th, 2022.

Applications can be submitted for

Developing a solution + pilot for a real-world problem that leverages SSI

Developing business-oriented extensions to the eSSIF-Lab basic infrastructure


There's €53K available for each proposal selected!💰

👉APPLY here



"Completing the framework", the final eSSIF-Lab's Open Call
is now open and running!

Over the past years, the question of how we can protect our identity in the world of online has been getting more heated. The Self-Sovereign Identity paradigm stepped in with the idea itself, that everyone should be in charge of their own digital personal information, and that it is the data owner who should decide on how this data is being used and by whom.

While we are still in the early stages of SSI, there is solid traction with standards in development, governments funding the development of ledgers and proof of concepts and a growing number of companies developing products. As a new layer of the internet, there are new platforms based on the standards, and products and services for verticals to be builtSelf-Sovereign Identity (SSI) promises to empower European citizens with new means to manage privacy, eliminate logins, and enjoy much faster and safer electronic transactions via the internet as well as in real life.

Who is eSSIF-Lab?

eSSIF-Lab (European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework Laboratory) is a lab-to-market project that goes under the line “strengthening internet trustworthiness with electronic identities”. The project facilitates the further development, integration and adoption of SSI technologies through a cascade funding approach targeting innovative companies developing SSI based solutions. eSSIF-Lab is championed by leading experts in SSI technologies, cascade funding, business acceleration and continuous deployment of open-source.

In addition, eSSIF-Lab Framework (at GitLab) will be built upon the open-source components provided through its Infrastructure-oriented open call and the generic SSI-based services and applications (being developed with the support of the eSSIF-Lab 1st Business-oriented Programme) and the SSI domain-oriented solutions addressing real-world needs or opportunities (that will be supported by the eSSIF-Lab 2nd Business-oriented Programme).

"Completing the framework" Open Call

eSSIF-Lab is kicking off one last additional Open Call "Completing the framework", on the 15th of November, lasting until the 15th of January.

With this final call, eSSIF-Lab will support:

SSI Solutions

§ the development and demonstration of SSI working solutions for a real-world, domain-oriented problem or opportunity, in prioritized eSSIF-Lab areas (Health Tech, e-Government and Education) or in the Open Disruptive Innovation track.


SSI Infrastructure Extensions

§ the development and demonstration of business-oriented extensions to the eSSIF-Lab basic infrastructure, adding features and value which is not already available within the eSSIF-Lab or the wider SSI community.


Open Call benefits:

There's € 212 000 (up to 4 proposals expected to be selected) available in this call with a maximum amount of € 53.000 financial support for each third party.

The call is open to individual SMEs, not-for-profit entities or research organizations registered in a Member State of the EU (including their OCT), in an H2020 Associated Country or in the United Kingdom.


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