UFWG 7-Jul Meeting Agenda Suggestions

Dan Gisolfi <gisolfi@...>

In our last meeting the following topics were suggested for future meeting agendas:

  1. Utility Project Workflow
  2. Presentation on Indy-based utilities and progress of Indy
  3. Discussion about the current state of Aries, it's future, and interoperability

I would like to suggest that we use this next session to tackle the following "get to work" items:

  1. Review Terms and Concepts
  2. Review Utility Foundry Workflow Proposal
  3. Discuss process for gathering user stories
  4. Discuss open source decision tree rendering tools (i.e.: PlanetUML Activity Diagram)

If this is acceptable, we need everyone to do some pre-mtg homework:

  1. READ the Utility Foundry Workflow Proposal
  2. READ the Sample Story
  3. CONSIDER a real or hypothetical Utility story that you would be willing to document (your homework for the 7/21 mtg).
  4. Provide updates to or issues against our Utility List.
If anyone has suggestions/concerns/issues for the proposed workflow, please open an issue