Utility Foundry Working Group: Meeting agenda and call for Chairs and Vice Chairs

Andre Kudra

Utility Foundry WG Members,


As your volunteer convener I have taken into account what was discussed in the initial call two weeks ago and set up an agenda for our upcoming WG meeting (today – Tuesday 23 June 11:00-12:00 PDT / 20:00-21:00 CET / 18:00-19:00 UTC). You can find the proposed agenda here on our WG Meeting Page on the wiki (feel free to add your own topic suggestions there). Our main topics are:


  1. Further call for Chairs and Vice Chairs (see below)
  2. Initial work items and task forces
    1. Those with (some) WIP (decision tree, utility liaison)
    2. Prioritization of others (RFP, best practices, website & utility directory, white papers)


On the first topic, at our first call we have had two volunteers for WG Chairs – Dan Gisolfi and André Kudra (me) – and none for WG Vice Chairs so far. This is a definitive call for any other volunteers for Chair or Vice Chair. We can have up to 3 Chairs and there is no limit on Vice Chairs. We will agree in our meeting today how long to leave the call open – looking forward to seeing a lot of other volunteers! If you're interested in volunteering but prefer not to reply on the list, feel free to email me directly.


Thanks and talk to you later,