ToIP OpsTeam - Action required from UFWG

Olfert, Sarah - esatus AG

Dear chairs, TF leads and UFWG team-members,


as representatives from our UFWG in ToIP Operations Team Claudia and I need your support.


Some of you already know this, but at the moment the Operations Team is discussing and defining a process and workflow how to support the WG and TF regards the topic „producing deliverables“.


Today I want to give of you some updates what is currently on our Ops Agenda and where we need your support now:


  • In planning: The Ops Team will provide some tutorials to navigate the WG through the deliverable process (will include tutorials for using GitHub etc.)
    à Claudia and myself are going to support here


  • In planning: The Ops Team will finalize the deliverable templates on GitHub


  • Happening: A new basic template has been applied to main pages of all WG. Meeting time, TF and deliverables (see next) need to be updated in wiki from our team.
    In planning: OpsTeam will provide a new meeting note template, which should be used by all WG to have the same structure


  • Happening: Furthermore the Ops Team wants to create a Project Board in GitHub with items (we call them „card“ see next point) for each deliverable from every WG.
    We will put the cards of the deliverables in our process workflow, so that everybody knows about the actual status of this deliverable.
    The OpsTeam will track this board and will try to support the WG.


For this board we need to revise our deliverables -again-. We got a template for the „deliverable card“ which we now have to fill out for our UFWG.
I reviewed our last meeting notes and based on the google prasentation I found there I started to fill out the cards for our WG. You can find my draft attached.
I can upload it also on google docs, if necessary.


Would be great if we could revise this deliverable cards timely to provide the OpsTeam the information.

We can arrange a seperate meeting for this or we do it in our next meeting on Tuesday?


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Best regards

Sarah (& Claudia)


Sarah Olfert
Senior Business Consultant



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