Operations Team - request for representative (Tue Oct 6)


UFWG Members -

Good morning.

As a follow up to my note last week to everyone at ToIP, I would like to take this opportunity to underscore my request for a participant from this Working Group to put their name forward as a representative for the Operations Team.

As of this morning (Monday), we have reps from the Governance Stack Working Group and the Ecosystem Foundry Working Group in addition to Victor Golubkov who will be working directly with me to help coordinate activities of the Operations team.

I am asking that a member come forward by sending a note to myself (dluchuk@...) and the chairs of this WG between today and end-of-day tomorrow (Tuesday).

There is a preliminary meeting of the Operations Team set for Wednesday Oct 7 at 4pm EST and I would prefer for all representatives to be named ahead of that discussion.

The purpose of the Operations Team is to create a small group of ToIP members who will share information on the workplans of our WGs, help ensure that draft deliverables are advancing as intended through the stages of the ToIP workflow, resolve any bottle-necking that arise around decision-making/approvals and discuss issues such as (for example) introducing firmer parameters for the creation of Taskforces under all WGs.

The Operations Team will not be directing or otherwise interfering with the development of content and deliverables in the WGs themselves.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Moreover, please give some thought to taking on this role for your WG.

Thank you,
David Luchuk - Program Manager, ToIP

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