Re: Chairs & Vice Chairs Confirmed

Drummond Reed <drummond.reed@...>

Congrats to the chairs and vice chairs—this is a great group. A quick note that I expect our new ToIP Program Manager, Dave Luchuk, to be starting within two weeks, and one thing I'm recommending he do within his first two weeks is meet with the leadership of each of the WGs. So he'll be pinging you once he's on board.



On Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 10:45 AM Andre Kudra <a.kudra@...> wrote:

Dear ToIP Utility Foundry WG members,


The call and determination period for the WG Chairs & Vice Chairs has ended on end of day July 10, 2020 (23:59 UTC-12 Anywhere on Earth - AoE time zone). We have received one further Vice Chair volunteer nomination before closure. As per the procedure agreed by the WG members, the confirmed setup for the first 6 months term is as follows:



Dan Gisolfi (IBM)

André Kudra (esatus)

Vinod Panicker (Wipro)


Vice Chairs

Cameron Boozarjomehri (MITRE)

Mathieu Glaude (Northern Block)

Sandeep Krishnappa (Infoeaze Digital Services)


Congratulations to the group! I am honored and proud to serve and look forward to working with all of you.


Best, André

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