Utility Foundry Working Group Kickoff Meeting scheduled for Tuesday 02 June 2020 — 11:00-12:00 PT / 18:00-19:00 UTC

Drummond Reed <drummond.reed@...>

Utility Foundry Working Group Members:

I just talked with André Kudra, your convener, and we fixed the kickoff meeting of the Working Group for Tuesday 02 June 2020, 11:00-12:00 PT / 18:00-19:00 UTC (this is the same time as the Governance Stack WG meets every other Thursday).

Unlike the Governance Stack WG, however, our miracle worker Todd Benzies has set up a calendar invite that will automatically be sent to all members of this mailing list (utility-foundry-wg@...). In addition, Todd will also add anyone else who joins the mailing list to the calendar invite. If you are a member of this mailing list and have NOT received your calendar invite for next Tuesday's meeting, please send email to Todd and he can debug it for you.

Note: if you know someone who you would like to invite to the kickoff meeting but is not yet a ToIP Foundation member, forward them this email and tell them they can join the ToIP Foundation in 3 mins at this link: https://trustoverip.org/members/join/, and then sign up for the Utility Foundry Working Group following the instructions below.

I look forward to seeing you at the kickoff meeting.



*** Utility Foundry Working Group KICKOFF MEETING ***

The first meeting of the WG will be held via Zoom on Tuesday 02 June 2020 — 11:00-12:00 PT / 18:00-19:00 UTC.

See the Meeting Page for the agenda (and notes after the meeting).

All members of the working group will automatically receive a calendar invite with complete Zoom information. To receive an invite to the meeting, please join the Utility Foundry Working Group mailing list by going to https://lists.trustoverip.org/ (where you can log in with your ToIP Foundation mailing address).

Join {utility-foundry-wg@lists.trustoverip.org to automatically receive all group messages.